About Passion Food

Passion Food GmbH

Passion Food specialises in catering to various International Schools in Zurich, Zug and Basel. We are dedicated to the delivery of quality food products to support your childs development and learning. The company employs more than 30 skilled professionals serving a combined student population of almost 5’000.

We also provide hot meals and fresh salads to all staff associated with each Campus.

Our company is committed to the quality of products we use and our goal is to provide a healthy and balanced lunch program that will top any other one of our competitors.

Company Philosophy

Fresh ingredients
We use over 90% fresh ingredients. Convenience products have no place in our kitchens.
Utilizing our chain of suppliers we obtain fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits, which we cook with care to retain important nutrients and minerals. Using seasonal ingredients is a must. We do not use any factory cooked frozen vegetables except for peas and green beans. The rest are prepared fresh daily!

Commitment to local suppliers and quality
We use local suppliers and products as much as possible and within our budget. We are always looking for the best quality. We prefer Swiss products whenever they meet our quality standards.
Passion Food is against the practice of mixing meats, if it says beef meatballs on the menu you can be assured that they are 100% beef.