ZIS Lunch Program 2023/2024

Lunch Tokens are ONLY available for Lower School students in Wädenswil.

Please state the name of the student in the “Empfänger” field. This is very important so that we know exactly which student we can give the tokens to.

Menu Prices:
Early Grades up to Kindergarten: CHF 9.00
Grade 1 to Grade 5: CHF 11.00

Detailed (payment) instructions can be found here.

Once the payment has been processed you will receive a confirmation e-mail (check your spam folder too). Print the confirmation e-mail and give it to the student. The student can then trade in the voucher in the ZIS Lower School Cafeteria and receives the Tokens in an envelope.

If you need assistance please contact us at info@passionfood.ch or 041 755 38 15

Thank you!