Food program & prices

Lunch Program

Morning program:
We are introducing a healthy selection of breakfast items, including yogurts, fruit, bagels,
muffins and a large selection of baked goods (mostly homemade).

Parents are welcome to come to the Kiosk every morning and avail of the same great prices on all our take-away items.

Lunch program:
Providing quality and nutritionally inspired meals to be enjoyed on or off campus. This will be offered to the students within the time frame dictated by the student’s schedule.

Our plan is to offer the students and faculty the ability to purchase products / food items throughout the day. This range of products will include homemade sandwiches, tortilla wraps and much more.

Menu Plan:
Every day the students have a choice of a menu with meat (except for Mondays*) or a vegetarian option (except for ECC) including a salad, fresh fruit and a drink. We like to use influences from around the world to make up our exciting menus. On any given week there could be cuisine from five different cultures, such as Lasagne, Moroccan chicken Tagine with couscous and Sweet and Sour turkey with rice. The menus will be posted on the Parents’ Portal up to 1 – 2 weeks in advance.
To meet the needs of students with different nationalities, cultures, and religions, we made the following plan for the menu with meat:

Monday*Meatless Monday (Pizza at Lower School and ECC)
WednesdayDepending on season
ThursdayMostly beef or pork
FridayDepending on season
(As an alternative we always offer a vegetarian menu!)

*Meatless Monday:
In the year 2011, Conservation Club in the Upper School launched an activity to have a „Meatless Monday“. In order to support the school’s responsibility towards the environment, the School leadership has decided to introduce „Meatless Mondays“ on all campuses. We support this program and offer a great selection of meat free sandwiches and menus every Monday throughout the Campuses. To encourage participation we also offer an extra treat included in the menu.

Allergies and special diets:
We do understand the difficulties for students with allergies and special diets. Our staff will assist students concerning questions about ingredients. Unfortunately, it is not possible to cook special meals for small groups or single students. Please send us your questions by e-mail We will deal with your request immediately.

Hours of operation:
Hours of operation are from 8am until 3pm.


Lower School (Wädenswil)
All menus are freshly prepared in the kitchen on the campus. The students have the choice of a menu with meat or the vegetarian option. The menu includes a salad, fresh fruit and one drink (water, milk).

Menu price Pre-School-Kindergarten: CHF 9.00
Menu price Grades 1-5: CHF 11.00


Middle School (Kilchberg)
The menus for the students are freshly prepared in the kitchen at the Upper School Campus in Adliswil and delivered to the Kilchberg service kitchen. Included in the menu are a salad from the buffet, fresh fruit and a drink (Ice tea, Syrup or water). In the winter months we also offer hot homemade soup.

Menu price: CHF 11.50

Upper School (Adliswil)
The menus are prepared in the kitchen on site. Included in the menu are a salad, fresh fruit and a drink (choice of juices). In the winter months we also offer hot homemade soup.

Menu price: CHF 12.00

How To Pay For Lunches:

  1. Pre-payment for all grades – Passion Food encourages parents to consider this cashless form of payment. Register for everyday or selected days per week.  Click here for details
  2. Lunch Vouchers for the younger children in Wädenswil (ECC to Grade 5):
    – Can be purchased by the students/parents in the Lower School canteen
    – Purchase Lunch Vouchers online
  3. Pay cash or with debit/credit card on site. (When paying with cash or card pre-booking/registering is not necessary)

Pre-payment price table / August 17th – December 17th 2021:

CampusUp to KGGrade 1 - 5Grade 6-8Grade 9 - 12
Period17th August- 17th December 2021
DailyCHF 720.00CHF 880.00CHF 874.00CHF 912.00
MondaysCHF 135.00CHF 165.00CHF 161.00CHF 168.00
TuesdaysCHF 144.00CHF 176.00CHF 172.50CHF 180.00
WednesdaysCHF 153.00CHF 187.00CHF 184.00CHF 192.00
ThursdaysCHF 153.00CHF 187.00CHF 184.00CHF 192.00
FridaysCHF 135.00CHF 165.00CHF 172.50CHF 180.00
*VAT of 7.7% is included in the costs.Off Campus trips are confirmed by ZIS; accurated 19.08.21

We calculate the prices based on the amount of school days per semester given to us by ZIS. Prices per Grade vary not only due to the different menu prices but also because of a different number of school days (field weeks, camps etc.).
For day trips students are given a healthy lunch bag before departure in the morning.

Thank you for your interest. If you have any further questions concerning our lunch program or our company please do not hesitate to contact us: