ZIS Lunch Program 2023/2024

Online Registration – School Year August 2023 to June 2024

Please note – if you are registering at any time throughout the school year, you will only be charged for the remaining school days until the Christmas break in December 2023 or the Summer break in June 2024. Therefore, we ask you to mention the exact start date when completing the below form.

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Lunch Program

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Payment Period

I would like to register for the whole School Year (August 2023 – June 2024).
The 2nd semester will be invoiced during January/February 2024. If registering after the start of the school year in August 2023 please select “No”.

CampusUp to KGGrade 1-3Grade 4 Grade 5Grade 6Grade 7Grade 8Grade 9-12
Period15th August – 15th December 2023
DailyCHF 738.00CHF 902.00CHF 858.00CHF 847.00CHF 948.00CHF 948.00CHF 948.00CHF – TBC
MondaysCHF 135.00CHF 165.00CHF 165.00CHF 154.00CHF 180.00CHF 948.00CHF 180.00CHF – TBC
TuesdaysCHF 144.00CHF 176.00CHF 165.00CHF 165.00CHF 192.00CHF 948.00CHF 192.00CHF – TBC
WednesdaysCHF 153.00CHF 187.00CHF 176.00CHF 176.00CHF 204.00CHF 948.00CHF 204.00CHF – TBC
ThursdaysCHF 153.00CHF 187.00CHF 176.00CHF 176.00CHF 180.00CHF 948.00CHF 180.00CHF – TBC
FridaysCHF 153.00CHF 187.00CHF 176.00CHF 176.00CHF 192.00CHF 180.00CHF 192.00CHF – TBC
Off Campus trips confirmed by ZIS
*VAT of 7.7% is included in the prices.
Final semester Aug-Dec 23 price to be confrimed by 30.06.2023.
Registration can be made NOW.