Passion Food has built its reputation on the daily well-being of students, teachers and guests of various International Schools in Central Switzerland, Basel and the greater Zurich area. School catering is our core business and we focus on the individual needs of each campus!

Based on the guidelines of the Swiss Food Pyramid we have put together a personalized nutrition plan for each school and within each age group. We use, whenever possible, local suppliers, seasonal products and Swiss quality. We receive daily deliveries of fresh produce and take care in the cooking process to retain as many nutrients as possible. At Passion Food we understand the importance of a balanced meal for students…..

With our team of 31 employees we cook on site at eight of our locations. We also deliver freshly prepared menus daily to many smaller Campuses with specialties from around the world.

Whether in need of breakfast selection consisting of house-made muffins, Bircher-Müesli, fresh sandwiches, fruit and baked goods; a main menu with fish or meat and a vegetarian option for lunch, and an extensive salad bar; hors d’oeuvre reception; or gala dinner for fundraising school-based events, Passion Food offers schools a tailor-made service.

If you are in need of a refined School-Canteen-Program contact us and we will consult you without obligation on the possibilities for your School.

Example School Menu

An diesen Schulen verköstigen wir seit vielen Jahren täglich Studenten, Personal und Gäste: